Monday, March 2, 2015

Bangkok - Finishing this tour

FFrom Vientiane, it is just about 20km to the border of Thailand, where I had my third beer. 

I followed the winding river Mekong to the village of Chiang Khan. 
Mekong river & Laos on the other side

Rain in Chang Khan

Just as I arrived in the little village, it starts raining buckets. No big deal, the rain may be pretty intensive, but normaly does not last very long.
Anyway, I took a day off before heading the last 600 km down to Bangkok. 

Straight Road South 

White Budha in province Loei


It became really hot. I saved myself from one 7-Eleven to the next one. 

7-Eleven and the decision

The last 230km had been planned as two long days. At the 'end' of day One, After about140km, at 6pm, when the sun had set, I listened to my legs and they told me: 'fresh'. So, I tried, what I always wanted to do: I cycled on - How much is possible? 
Riding @ night

Short before noon I arrived at the Khao san road in Bangkok. Incredible. I was happy. 

The next days, I recovered and visited some of the tourist attractions. 

45m long lying Budha


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Northern Vietnam & Laos

I made my way North and crossed the 17th parallel. The bridge in the DMZ still shows what used to be the North and the South of Vietnam. 
Bridge at the 17th parallel

I was time to leave the coast of Vietnam and slowly head to Laos. 
I took some time to visit Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with these incredible karst mountains. The weather had turned grey with some rain but the landscape is of exact the type, I like a lot. 

Even the caves, which are normaly not my favourites, were quite impressive. 
Paradies cave

By leaving the densely populated coast, the streets became much more quiet. Still here and there was a school with lots of children, just waiting to greet you in a very intensive way. 
Sometimes, I really need to run - to escape these thousand hands ;-)

Into Laos, 5km behind the border, the sun came back. 
in Laos

The budist tempel reappeared (many christian churches in Vietnam). 

I made my way to the Mekong river and cycled up to Vientiane. Beside meeting  nice people on the way, this part of Laos is pretty flat, the North with the mountains is supposed to be much nicer.  But I have to save that for the next visit of Laos. 

After a long day on the bicycle

Monday, February 2, 2015

Vietnam - At the Coast

Leaving Hô Chí Minh Town is an adventure of its own. I have Never Seen so many motor scooters in my life. Sometimes, it takes minutes to coss a junction. 
Heavy traffic in Hô Chí Minh Town

I was on my way to Da Lat, a litte town in the mountains that is known for the more cool climate. This meant a some  climbing, but at the Same time a more diverse landscape. 

Route from Hô Chí Minh to Da Lat

Da Lat old train station 

It would be a long day of cycling from Da Lat down to the coast, so I started at 6:30.

The sun sets point six in the evening and the Temperature is high, so I made it the daily routine to start that early. 

Da Lat at sunrise 

The landscape was becoming dominated by rice fields again. Mostly flat, it's an easy terrain for the cyclist. 

Vietnam landscape

Lady working in the rice Field

I went through some busy beach towns. Lots of Russian people here, even the menus in the restaurants are bilingual, in Vietnamese and Russian language. 

I liked more the small and remote villages in between. These were are my main stoping points. 

There are so many weddings in these villages, or maybe they are just so loud, making it easy to recognize them. And not just one time, I was invited to join the party - in my inappropriate clothes - invited to the honorable table...
Klaus the 'hon' guest;-)

in Hoi An

Finally, i made it to Hue, crossing the little mountain range of Da Nang. Now, I am in the North - a little bit colder- a little bit more rain (more than none as of today). 
Citadel of Hue

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hô Chí Minh Town

The ride from Cambodia into Vietnam was easy. I had the visa for the third country clued in my passport back in Frankfurt. So no big deal at the border. 

Just when I reached the capital of Cambodia, my first beer was due. 

Being in the city is a welcomed change from the very little villages, I came through on the way. Lot's of shops that even carry chocolade and a full blown nightlife. 

(these guys where inhailing nitrous oxygene (laughing gas)

Then there ist the brutal and sad history of the Kmer Rouge. On the Image below is, what used to be the old Phnom Penh prision. Now it is a museum. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Phnom Penh

The roads to Siam Reap had been of very good quality.
That totaly changed on the way to the capital of Cambodia. It was dusty for over 200 km. 

That did not hinder me to take a Look at some of the nice Pagodas, that are build everywhere and mostly very close to my Street. 

As it is really very hot here, I try to get up at 5:30 and hit the road before 6:30. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Angkor Wat

Just amazing!

Cambodia is very friendly!
Cambodia is hot!
Cambodia is beautiful!

I just came back from the temples of Angkor Wat. An incredible place. 

I am going to have a restday here in Siam Reap to digest that all. And then onto these roads that are sayed to be not as good. Direction: Phnom Penh. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Not spicy

Ich bestelle mal quer die Garküche. Am Nachartisch Essen sie Eier mit [Inhalt]. Ich nicht! Die nette Kambotschanerin hilft mir bei der Verwendung der Speisen.

Die Blätter müssen ausgepackt werden vor dem essen. Klar, die Zahnstocher wären auch wohl nicht sehr lecker. Für Farangs (Ausländer) ist die Definition von scharf aber wohl eine andere. Die klein roten Dinger in der Knoblauchsoße haben es in sich...

Ich bin seit heute in Kambotscha. Der Abschied von Thailand fiel mir schon nach so kurzer Zeit schwer, doch auch hier sind die Menschen unglaublich freundlich. 😀

Morgen fahre ich nach Siem Reap zum sagenhaften Ankor Wat.