Monday, February 2, 2015

Vietnam - At the Coast

Leaving Hô Chí Minh Town is an adventure of its own. I have Never Seen so many motor scooters in my life. Sometimes, it takes minutes to coss a junction. 
Heavy traffic in Hô Chí Minh Town

I was on my way to Da Lat, a litte town in the mountains that is known for the more cool climate. This meant a some  climbing, but at the Same time a more diverse landscape. 

Route from Hô Chí Minh to Da Lat

Da Lat old train station 

It would be a long day of cycling from Da Lat down to the coast, so I started at 6:30.

The sun sets point six in the evening and the Temperature is high, so I made it the daily routine to start that early. 

Da Lat at sunrise 

The landscape was becoming dominated by rice fields again. Mostly flat, it's an easy terrain for the cyclist. 

Vietnam landscape

Lady working in the rice Field

I went through some busy beach towns. Lots of Russian people here, even the menus in the restaurants are bilingual, in Vietnamese and Russian language. 

I liked more the small and remote villages in between. These were are my main stoping points. 

There are so many weddings in these villages, or maybe they are just so loud, making it easy to recognize them. And not just one time, I was invited to join the party - in my inappropriate clothes - invited to the honorable table...
Klaus the 'hon' guest;-)

in Hoi An

Finally, i made it to Hue, crossing the little mountain range of Da Nang. Now, I am in the North - a little bit colder- a little bit more rain (more than none as of today). 
Citadel of Hue

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